About EERA
Energy and Environmental Research Associates, LLC (EERA) specializes in providing timely, accurate, and useful analyses of today's most pressing energy and environmental problems. Our team provides an array of product deliverables ranging from analytical reports, project or policy evaluations, software design and development, and strategic planning consultation.

We offer clients a significant geographic reach in the following markets: public, industry, government, and non-profit. EERA works on local, state, national, and international projects. Projects we work on include but are not limited to technology assessment, regulatory analysis and management, alternative fuel analysis, utility operations and decision making, renewable energy market analysis, and stationary and mobile source emissions modeling.

EERA work products and experience have catalyzed federal and state capacity to make freight movement more reliable, efficient, and economical while meeting new constraints with regard to environmental stewardship through extensive and innovative analysis of freight data, inclusion of operational and technology elements, and analysis that transform the development of professional practice in freight research.
Who we are
James J. Winebrake
Dr. Winebrake is a senior partner with Energy and Environmental Research Associates, LLC, and he brings extensive expertise in total fuels cycle analysis; LCA modeling; and emissions analysis, including GHGs, criteria air pollutants, and air toxins. As part of this work, Dr. Winebrake has built expert-level analytical capacity on upstream energy and emissions analysis, including the production and processing of natural gas and petroleum fuels. Dr. Winebrake has over 65 peer-reviewed publications related to transportation, fuel production, and environmental topics, including: alternative fuels analysis, freight transportation, and technology assessments. Dr. Winebrake has also developed sophisticated software tools (e.g., NY-GREET, MEOM/DEOM, SHIPSMART, TEAMS, and GIFT, among others) that can assist decision makers in evaluating the impacts of fuel choice decisions. Dr. Winebrake currently serves on a number of professional boards and special committees, including the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Alternative Fuels; the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Marine Environment; and the National Academies of Science Committee on Evaluating Truck Size and Weight Regulations. Dr. Winebrake received his PhD in Energy Management and Policy from the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA); a MS in Technology and Policy from M.I.T. (Cambridge, MA); and a BS in Physics from Lafayette College (Easton, PA).
James J. Corbett
Dr. Corbett is a principal partner with Energy and Environmental Research Associates, LLC, with more than two decades expertise providing engineering, technology, and policy studies to industry, government, and other organizations. Expertise includes economic and policy analysis, transportation modeling, and energy and environmental systems analysis. Early in his career, he worked for an oil major engaged in transporting crude product and refined product in the U.S. energy coastal energy markets. He performs multi-fuel emissions inventories and controls assessments, cost-effectiveness and benefit-cost analyses; fate/transport/health impacts modeling; geospatial multimodal transportation modeling, and quantitative risk analyses. He is a recognized international expert in transportation energy, freight energy, and shipping energy sectors. Among more than 175 publications, Dr. Corbett coauthored the 2000 IMO Study on Greenhouse Gases from Ships, the Second IMO Greenhouse Gas Study 2009, and the IMO Greenhouse Gas Study 2014. Recently, he has authored journal papers and reports considering the cobenefits and tradeoffs of LNG as a marine fuel. Dr. Corbett received his Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) from Carnegie Mellon University, where he also earned M.S. degrees in the departments of EPP and Mechanical Engineering.
Edward W. Carr
Dr. Carr has over 5 years of experience working on projects related to air quality, emissions inventory development, and economic analysis in the mobile, non- road, and biogenic sectors. Dr. Carr has worked on air quality and emissions inventory projects for federal, NGO, and industry clients, including the U.S. EPA (Office of Transportation and Air Quality), the National Academies, and ClimateWorks. Dr. Carr has extensive experience processing, analyzing, and visualizing big data sets and brings expertise in emissions inventory development and policy and economic and data analysis and has published work on the economics of emissions abatement technology and biogenic carbon storage and sequestration. Dr. Carr received his Ph.D. in Marine Policy from the University of Delaware (Newark, DE); a Master of Marine Policy (M.M.P) from the University of Delaware; and an A.B. in Biology from Bowdoin College (Brunswick, ME).
In addition to permanent staff, EERA has access to more than a dozen experts in a variety of energy, environmental and transportation fields. EERA also has access to different levels of staffing support on a project-by-project basis, providing a pool of both experts and staff support ranging from PhD analysts, economists and environmental scientists to administrative staff and project managers who can ensure that any and all projects proceed effectively and efficiently, serving our clients to the best of our ability.
At EERA we pride ourselves on our service to our communities and to the planet. EERA is a proud supporter and member of 1% for the Planet.
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