About EERA


EERA specializes in providing timely, accurate, and useful analyses of today's most pressing energy and environmental problems. Our team provides an array of product deliverables ranging from analytical reports, project or policy evaluations, software design and development, and strategic planning consultation.

We offer clients a significant geographic reach in the following markets:  public, industry, government, and non-profit. EERA works on local, state, national, and international projects.   Projects we work on include but are not limited to technology assessment, regulatory analysis and management, alternative fuel analysis, utility operations and decision making, renewable energy market analysis, and stationary and mobile source emissions modeling.

The EERA team has a comprehensive understanding of environmental issues relevant to the global supply chain, energy systems and transportation networks.   EERA’s priority is to help clients improve their track records with respect to changing energy, environmental and economic demands in order to improve environmental performance and create a more sustainable energy future.