EERA's Expert Knowledge


EERA's core competencies support our clients' needs for analysis and strategic evaluation in a variety of contexts.

•  Scenario analysis and forecasting  
•  Systems analysis 
•  Environmental inventory and compliance assessments  
•  Economic and policy modeling 
•  Expert advice 

Our products have improved technical and policy understanding of the impacts of goods movement, quantified benefits of feasible and cost-effective mitigation, and identified policy implementation measures to efficiently achieve performance targets.

EERA's reports have been commissioned by regional air pollution districts, state regulatory agencies and energy authorities, and international organizations.  Our analyses have helped identify feasible and meaningful targets to improve the performance of passenger ferry transit and cargo shipping in multimodal service.

Projects, studies, and workshops completed by EERA support industry-advocacy dialogue on technical, economic, and policy issues by providing background studies, scenario analyses, and impacts assessments necessary for consensus on good policy decisions.