About EERA
Energy and Environmental Research Associates, LLC (EERA) provides expertise to address some of the most challenging and important problems facing our shared future.

EERA partners with all levels of government, NGOs, and the private sector. We have demonstrated expertise in a variety of areas, including: technology assessment, regulatory analysis and management, alternative fuel analysis, utility operations and decision making, renewable energy market analysis, energy and environmental economics, and stationary and mobile source emissions modeling.

We offer our clients an array of product deliverables ranging from analytical reports, project or policy evaluations, software design and development, and strategic planning consultation. Our work improves international, federal, and state policymaking; helps businesses achieve strategic objectives; and enables communities to become more sustainable.
Who we are
Dr. Winebrake photo
James J. Winebrake
Senior Principal
Dr. Winebrake brings extensive expertise in total fuels cycle analysis; LCA modeling; and emissions analysis, including GHGs, criteria air pollutants, and air toxins.
Dr. Carr photo
Edward W. Carr
VP Operations
Dr. Carr brings expertise in economic and policy analysis, geospatial analysis, modeling, emissions analysis, inventory development and health effects.

Dr. Corbett photo
James J. Corbett
Senior Principal
Dr. Corbett is not currently available to work on EERA projects.
In addition to permanent staff, EERA has access to more than a dozen experts in a variety of energy, environmental and transportation fields. EERA also has access to different levels of staffing support on a project-by-project basis, providing a pool of both experts and staff support ranging from PhD analysts, economists and environmental scientists to administrative staff and project managers who can ensure that any and all projects proceed effectively and efficiently, serving our clients to the best of our ability.
At EERA we pride ourselves on our service to our communities and to the planet. In addition to our work, our staff serve on a number of community boards, and provide in-kind service to our communities.
Teaming Partners